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Fabio Massano is an Italian singer, songwriter and producer.

In 2003 he began to perform in public and in 2007 began to do tours in the most prestigious theaters in northern Italy.

In 2008 he released his first album "Io vorrei", self-produced album with 5 covers and 5 original songs.

In 2009 he signed a recording contract with Bit Records and began to collaborate artistically with Danilo Amerio (famous Italian singer and producer, author of famous songs like "Donna con te" by Anna Oxa, "Gente di mare" by Umberto Tozzi and Raf, "Gli uomini non cambiano" by Mia Martini, "Gli altri siamo noi" by Umberto Tozzi, etc). Also, in 2009 he released the single "I segreti degli uomini", with which Fabio won the famous national "Cantiamo La Vita" festival at the Fraschini theatre in Pavia.

In 2010 Fabio took part in Sanremoweb with the song "L'ultima spiaggia", very appreciated by many people in the music industry including the famous TV presenter Pippo Baudo. Also, in 2010 Fabio began his artistic career as a producer and over the years he has been the man behind the release of several pop and dance CDs, including "Tiru tiratta" by the dance group "Laserneg".

In 2012 Fabio co-produced a famous cover, "We are the world - Web 4 L'Aquila", for humanitarian purposes, written by Michael Jackson, singed by some famous italian artists (including Fabio himself) and some people picked by the Facebook community in order to raise funds to help the victims of the Abruzzo earthquake. Also in 2012 he released a new CDs called "Storie d'Italia", a collection of 12 worldwide famous Italian songs (a tribute to the history of Italian music). A few months later Fabio released the single "Yo quisiera", the Spanish version of the single "Io vorrei". Still in 2012 Fabio recorded the background vocals for the "Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde" album, by Danilo Amerio and the main member of the historical Italian group Dik Dik, Lallo. In the same year Fabio was guest at importants events in venues like the Brianteo stadium in Monza and the famous San Siro stadium in Milan, where Fabio singed in front of an audience of thousands.

He is currently engaged in the "Storie d'Italia" tour and recording a new album in the spare time.
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